Running Scotland 2021: an update

29 March, 2021 / editorial

As you may have read in the last edition of Scottish Dental, four dentists plan to run the length of Scotland this September in aid of Scottish mental health charity SAMH.

Running Scotland 2021 training is in full swing now and don’t the boys know it. Paddy succumbed to a few weeks of low volume training after a flare up of his Achilles but is now back hard at it. Derek is currently resting after picking up tendonitis in BOTH feet!

Ryan, not wanting to miss the bandwagon of attention, decided now was the time to have a hernia repaired. As Scottish Dental went to print, he has a few weeks of no exercise ahead to recover before lacing up the trainers again.

Ryan Stewart

On the other hand, Stuart, their vintage runner, has powered on throughout – showing off his prowess by completing running challenges as part of his training. First was his ‘4x4x24’ challenge (running four miles every four hours for 24 hours), and the during March he undertook a ‘Run the Date’ challenge’ (1March run 1km, 2March run 2km – and so on right till the 31March).

Running Scotland is already testing these gentlemen runners, but they will be more than ready come September. Follow them on Facebook ( and Instagram (runningscotand2021) for regular updates – and drop them a line if you want to get involved.

The team is eternally grateful to all the sponsors ( and for all the generous donations to SAMH (

Remember: ‘One run can change your day; many runs can change your life’.

Take advantage of the Spring weather and see how running can completely change your life today.

Plus: Hand washing, note writing, PPE changing – now it’s time to add a full body stretch to your routine.

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