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19 August, 2020 / featured
 Pearl White Dental Laboratory  

Thank you for allowing us to be part of your patients’ journey

Being forced to close our laboratory on the 23 March and place all our staff on furlough was daunting. At the time we all thought it was going to last a matter of weeks.

How wrong and naïve we were.

Having said that, remaining static and waiting to return was not considered an option. We quickly realised that adjustments and modifications were going to have to be made.

Over the past four months we have listened to the problems and challenges our dental practices are facing. There are so many ongoing debates on what will be left of our industry when this is all over.

Accepting we would not be returning to the lab as we left it was the first challenge for us and one which took us a long time to come to terms with.

It became transparent that the NHS we are familiar with is likely to change and I believe a lot of practices are evolving their business plans to adapt to this. I think this is wise and will pay dividends.

Shifting patients’ awareness will probably be the first major obstacle. We hope in the long-term patients will realise the value in thoroughly considering treatment options and we would always actively encourage a digital workflow to be considered within these plans.

So opening our doors and firing up the furnaces was a mixed bag of emotions involving relief and trepidation. We are confident the adjustments and plans we have put in place will carry us through future hurdles. We are so pleased with the support we have received from many of our clients and the volume and standard of work coming in through the door is encouraging.

We hope that the industry considers even more so how beneficial it is to include a local and credible laboratory as part of your team. Not only does this allow Scottish Dentistry to thrive and skills to be retained but it ensures confidence in infection control, standard of materials and patient awareness.

We again thank all our friends and colleagues in the dental industry for their support during this time and promise to stand alongside you as we adapt to the new future of dentistry.

Pearl White Dental Laboratory

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