Are you using the correct PPE?

09 June, 2020 / featured

The WHO recommends Type IIR 3 Ply fluid-resistant medical masks be worn by over 60s and those who have underlying health problems, as well as those who are in contact with these groups. If you are not in close contact you may use Type IR 3 Ply. However you must avoid using 3 ply masks which are not water resistant as they offer very little protection against Covid 19. We therefore refuse to stock or supply these masks.

If you are wearing the mask for longer than 4hrs a day then you should wear the KN95 type mask as this gives protection upto 8 hours.

We provide all the aforementioned masks via our website: . Our Type IR and Type IIR masks supersede the required standards and are made to fit comfortably on the face. Our KN95 masks are all individually sealed in sachets. Our focus is on high quality at wholesale prices. Our masks have been supplied to the UK Department of Health, the NHS, Care Homes, Dentists, to name but a few.

Please email us at for any bulk enquires. 

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