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17 June, 2019 / indepth

Trainer of the Year: Gordon McGovern

In this category, the judges were hoping to find someone who goes over and above what is expected within their day-to-day role to inspire, support and develop those they train. Gordon clearly demonstrated all of these attributes.

He has demonstrated a genuine commitment to training across Scotland, sustained over many years, which is truly impressive in its scope.

Gordon has been tireless in his activities training VTs, supporting trainers and trainees, delivering training programmes and organising CPD since 2004.

Young Clinician of the Year: Jane Patterson

The judges were impressed that, so early on in her career, Jane has already developed such a breadth and depth of experience.

It was heartening to see the strong support she had from both her colleagues and patients, and how strongly she was integrated into the local community.

She is clearly an all-rounder with a strong work ethic who has already accomplished much, but continues to take time to train and develop herself and her skills still further.

Team of the Year: S4S Dental Laboratory

S4S’s entry exhibited all the best elements of teamwork, demonstrating a strong and successful team ethos, and focusing wholly on the team as a cohesive unit.

They have used this ethos and excellent teamworking practice, to enhance the quality and impact of their work, and to contribute back into the wider community.

They demonstrated a genuine commitment to the team as a whole and a clear understanding of the importance of working together and supporting and developing each other.

Sales Consultant of the Year: Louise Bone

The judges were impressed with the geographic spread of Louise’s work and the vast amount of support from her customers.

It is clear that she is held in very high regard by them and is dedicated, passionate and skilled.

The judges were also impressed that she continues to work with them over a long period of time in an area where it can be hard to build such supportive and long-lasting relationships.

Highly commended: Mike Watson

The judges were very impressed with the support shown by Mike to his customers and the relationships he has developed with them, culminating in the support they have given him for this award nomination. The wide breadth of his work and customer base was also noted by the judges.

Professional Advisor: Michael Royden

This was a very closely contested category and generated a lot of debate among the judges. The margins between all the nominees were very narrow.

The judges were impressed with the strength of feeling demonstrated by Michael’s clients and the way he manages to develop strong and ongoing relationships with people he is advising and guiding through a very stressful time.

Practice Manager of the Year: Andrena McFarlane

Andrena demonstrated a wide range of skills which are of clear benefit to the practice and its patients.

She is clearly able to develop a strong rapport with everyone she comes into contact with, patient, colleague or professional contact, and is able to develop strong and supportive relationships.

She has shown a strong commitment to ongoing development, investing time and energy in continued training, to enhance her already impressive skillset.

Highly commended: Rebekah Broadfoot

The judges were impressed with the clear evidence of Rebekah’s innate leadership skills. It is not an easy thing to take on a difficult task from scratch, and even harder to have delivered and achieved significant results in a short time, as Rebekah has. It is clear that she has already made positive and impactful changes to the practice and will continue to do so.

Leadership Award: Lisa Currie and Ivin Tan

The judges were incredibly impressed with the high praise for Lisa and Ivin’s leadership from across the board.

They embody all the attributes of leadership, and have galvanised their
team through engagement and strong communication coupled with a real clarity of vision.

It is also clear from the testimonials of team members that Lisa and Ivin genuinely care about the wellbeing of the team and invest in creating a positive team dynamic which is based on mutual respect and trust.

Lab of the Year: JD Watson Dental Laboratory

The judges were impressed by the clear praise from both NHS and private customers for the quality of work delivered and for the customer service and care experienced.

It is to be commended that the lab was started from scratch and the owners have invested time in energy to build a lab which offers services across the board, and is committed to working in partnership with its customers.

The lab clearly holds itself to very high standards in all areas and is highly valued by everyone it works with.

Innovation Award: RCSEd and Dentsply Sirona

The judges commented that, from the outset, this showed genuine innovation, with no other event like it for dental students anywhere.

They were impressed that the competition has continued to develop so that it is now held in every dental school in the UK and Ireland, with over half of all final year dental students taking part.

It was commended for its commitment to showcasing dental skills that are not part of the core curriculum, for engaging dental students in them, and for continuing to innovate to develop ways of continuing that engagement and skill development post-graduation.

DCP of the Year: Evie Calderhead

The judges were impressed with Evie’s clear commitment and dedication to her role and her willingness to go above and beyond to support her colleagues and patients.

It is clear that she can establish a strong rapport with patients, particularly those who are nervous, and that she invests her time supporting and training her fellow dental nurses, for their development and that of the practice as a whole.

She holds the respect and trust of her colleagues and her patients and is truly an integral part of the practice.

Outstanding Contribution: Lesley Donaldson and her team

The judges were hugely impressed with the numerous ways in which the team have contributed to their local community, and the significant impact this has had.

They have instigated, or been involved in, a wide range of projects which have clearly enhanced the knowledge and awareness of multiple groups on topics related not just to oral health, but health and wellbeing more broadly.

The judges commented on the fact that they continue to investing in sustainability and onward learning in these communities by training others, and have invested time and resources – both financial and human – altruistically.

Practice of the Year, General Practice: Shawlands Cross

Shawlands Cross really stood out to the judges because it showcases the best in general dental practice.

Shawlands was praised for the way it has maintained long-term engagement with its patients across generations of families, who have a genuine affection for the practice and the people who work within it.

It is clear that it stands for values, ethics and establishing strong relationships between practitioners and patients, and it demonstrates a long-standing commitment to the community.

It is also clear that, as well as this strength of commitment to its patients, Shawlands have the same strength of commitment to its team and are supportive and caring employers.

Highly commended: Bearsden Dental Care

Bearsden were highly commended by the judges for their clear commitment to access to NHS dental services and their work in domiciliary care. The judges were impressed by their investment in ongoing training for their staff to support all patient groups, and that they have demonstrated long-term commitment to expanding their services in order to widen access for all.

Practice of the Year, Referral/ Specialist Practice: The Orthodontic Clinic

The judges praised the Orthodontic Clinic for their commitment to the high standards they have established, and the relationships they have built with their patients. In particular, the judges were impressed that the practice had managed to maintain this throughout a period of enormous change during a significant project which could have been incredibly disruptive to the team and to patients.

It was clear that there is a strong team ethic, excellent communication and a real clarity of purpose which ensured that, despite the upheaval, the team and patients felt supported and up to date with developments throughout, with no compromise to patient care or standards.

Clinician of the Year: Fraser McDonald

Fraser stood out to the judges for his long-standing and tireless commitment to his patients, his team, his practice and his profession.

He embodies the best attributes of a general dental practitioner, establishing long-lasting relationships with generations of patients built on trust and respect, and investing in the ongoing development and growth of his team and his practice – and of himself.

More broadly, he has brought his skills and enthusiasm to the ongoing development of dentistry and dental practice in Scotland. 

Throughout his career, he has lost none of his passion for his profession, a passion that has clearly inspired the many people who have worked with him over the course of his career.

The Judges

Tom Bereznicki, Consultant OMF Surgeon
Professor William Saunders, Emeritus Professor of Endodontology, school of dentistry, University of Dundee
Sarah Manton, Director of the Faculty of Dental Trainers
Roger Currie, Consultant OMF Surgeon, Hon. Clinical Senior Lecturer University of Glasgow
Gordon Morson, MacDonald & Morson dental care

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