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2019’s Scottish Dental Show: have you signed up for the industry event of the year? 

Once again, record numbers of delegates are heading for Braehead Arena on 26-27 April 2019 for the eighth Scottish Dental Show. Well over 2,000 dental professionals will come through the doors, up 10 per cent on last year, attesting to the show’s growing popularity and cementing its importance.

It’s not just the delegate numbers that have grown – the Show’s educational programme, which provides dental professionals with valuable learning opportunities through the wide range of lectures, talks and workshops.

This year 36 lectures and 27 workshops will provide delegates with the opportunity to gain up to nine hours of Enhanced Continued Professional Development over the two days. We are delighted to have some of the leading lights of the profession share their expertise. Consultant Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons Roger Currie and Stuart Clark will talk about the early detection of oral cancer and medical emergencies in dental practice respectively.

Dr Christine Park, Senior Clinical University Lecturer and Honorary Consultant in Paediatric Dentistry at the Glasgow Dental School, will talk about child protection, and we are also delighted to welcome Professor William Saunders, Emeritus Professor Endontology at the University of Dundee, to speak on root canal obturation. Captain Karl Ley, a bomb disposal expert from the British Army, will speak about stress and burnout in high-pressure roles.

Delegates will also have the opportunity to learn about the latest technology, developments and services from some of the biggest names in the industry as we have 140 organisations exhibiting in the main hall this year.

And then there is the annual 2019 Scottish Dental Awards Ceremony and Dinner, celebrating the best of dental practice and patient care. The awards, hosted by comedian Fred MacAulay, are held at the Glasgow Hilton Hotel on Friday April 26 and recognise individuals and teams who place patients at the heart of everything they do and inspire, innovate and lead to deliver excellent patient care, improving oral health in Scotland.

This year the number of categories has risen to 14 to recognise wider best practice within the profession. In addition to the coveted Scottish Dental Lifetime Achievement Award and Clinician of the Year award, there are Leadership and Trainer of the Year award, Referral Practice of the Year and Practice of the Year. 

It’s a must-attend event, so if you haven’t registered yet for the Scottish Dental Show or the Scottish Dental Awards, go to www.sdshow.co.uk

We look forward to seeing you there.

2019: Our biggest education programme yet

The educational programme at the 2019 Scottish Dental Show will provide verifiable CPD lectures and workshops relating to the GDC’s recommended eCPD topics. Spaces are strictly limited so book your place ASAP at www.sdshow.co.uk


Christine Park

Safeguarding and child protection for dental teams

09.00-10.00, Speaker room 1

How to recognise signs of abuse and neglect, understand your responsibilities, GDC requirements and appropriate referral pathways.

Peter Ommer

The PDS: to infirmity and beyond

10.45-11.45, Speaker room 1

The services provided by the Public Dental Service and where it fits in the continuum of care. 

Christine Goodall

Repairing the scar on the face of Scotland

10.45-11.45, Speaker room 2

Christine Goodall talks about Medics against Violence, the Scottish violence prevention charity she founded. 

Helen Kaney

Regulation of the dental team – where are we now?

10.45-11.45, Speaker room 3

Understand the General Dental Council and find out how (and how not) to get into trouble.

Donald Thomson

Radiography and radiation protection

12.15-13.15, Speaker room 1

The risks of ionising radiation and doses received in dentistry, plus IRR, IRMER 2017 and their protective role.

Toby Gillgrass

Orthodontics, referral and treatment

12.15-13.15, Speaker room 2

What you should refer – and when you should refer patients – for treatment within the specialist service. 

Helen Kaney

The risks of advertising and social media

12.15-13.15, Speaker room 3

Understand UK advertising standards and relevant GDC guidance to minimise risk to practice and reputation.

Captain Karl Ley, British Army

Stress and burnout in bomb disposal

14.15-15.15, Speaker room 1

Captain Ley made safe 139 improvised bombs on a single tour in Afghanistan. Find out how he coped with stress. 

Lee McArthur

Infection prevention and control update

14.15-15.15, Speaker room 2

Why infection control is important, difficulties in standard control precautions and recent changes. 

Douglas Hamilton, MDDUS

The only way is ethics

14.15-15.15, Speaker room 3

How ethical is your practice’s approach to core biomedical principles and does it match up to legal or GDC standards?

Professor William Saunders

Root canal obturation

15.45-16.45, Speaker room 1

A review of the role of obturation in the prognosis of root canal treatment and update on appropriate methods. 

Sarah Harford, MDDUS

A matter of consent

15.45-16.45, Speaker room 2

Understand consent and why we need it, the components of valid consent, legal requirements and who can give consent.

Tamora Sherwood, Leona Beecroft, Faculty of Dental Trainers (FDT)

The ABCDE approach to the assessment of the acutely unwell patient

Education FDT stream
15.30-16.30, Speaker room 3

A series of Interactive Mentimeter presentations on how and why the ABCDE approach should be used, an examination of ABCDE assessment elements and sub-elements, plus ABCDE data and action pause points. 


Roger Currie

Oral and skin cancers – early detection and recognition 

09:00-10:00, Speaker room 1

Signs and presentations of oral and skin cancers to aid recognition and referral.

Stuart Clark

Medical emergencies 

09:00-10:00, Speaker room 2

The preparation and management of medical emergencies.

Lee Savarrio, Andrew Forgie

NHS Drivers for Change and Shared Care Lecture

Education GDH Shared Care stream 09:30-10:30, Speaker room 3

An overview of undergraduate students’ work at Glasgow Dental School.

Roger Currie

Oral and skin cancers – early detection and recognition 

10:45-11:45, Speaker room 1

Signs and presentations of oral and skin cancers in order to aid recognition and referral.

Stuart Clark

Medical emergencies

10:45-11:45, Speaker room 2

The preparation and management of medical emergencies.

Gareth Calvert, Douglas Robertson, Shauna Culshaw

Shared care: Endodontic, Prosthodontic and Periodontal Referrals

Education GDH Shared Care 10:45-11:45, Speaker room 3

Glasgow Dental Hospital team leaders discuss the changes in service delivery by the Departments of Endodontics, Prosthodontics and Periodontics in Glasgow Dental Hospital.

Ulpee Darbar

Clinical standards in implant dentistry – what are they?

12:15-13:15, Speaker room 1

An overview of the clinical standards in implant dentistry and their link into good clinical practice with tips on how to integrate this into day to day care. 

Beth Burns, Angela McGee, David Conway

Shared care: Trauma Referrals, school referrals and research in the restorative department

Education GDH Shared Care Stream 12:15-13:15, Speaker room 2

To discuss how Glasgow Dental Hospital Restorative Department will provide a service for acute adult dental trauma, the service and teaching provided by the DCP school in Glasgow Dental Hospital and how the Restorative Department contributes to the University of Glasgow research.   

Aubrey Craig

When patients bite back – successful complaint management

12:15-13:15, Speaker room 3

The principles of complaint management, how to achieve local resolution and the regulatory pathway should the complainant remain dissatisfied.

Helen Patterson

Protecting adults at risk

14:15-15:15, Speaker room 1

An overview of legislation regarding adults at risk, types of abuse and our responsibility to report concerns.D

Gareth Calvert, Victoria Harper, Allan Donaldson

Shared care: hypodontia, head and neck cancer and cleft lip and palate management in Glasgow Dental Hospital

Education GDH Shared Care Stream 14:15-15:15, Speaker room 2

To explain the journey of patients with hypodontia, head and neck cancers, cleft lip and palate in the Restorative Department of Glasgow Dental Hospital.

Rachael Bell, MDDUS

How to land your plane on the Hudson – learning points in risk management

14:00-15:00, Speaker room 3

How to react when things go wrong in general dental practice.

Find out more about what’s on at this year’s Scottish Dental Show, and register on the website www.sdshow.co.uk

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