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The implant technicians who believe in changing people’s lives for the better using the ultimate in digital dentistry solutions

12 February, 2019 / professional-focus

New Life Teeth Lab are the dental implant technicians based at Canal Point in Edinburgh, delivering high-quality, full-arch dental technical solutions and dental restorations across Scotland, the rest of the UK and Ireland.

Everything is made on site at the state-of-the-art digital dentistry lab. As a Zirkonzahn® group brand in UK & Ireland, New Life Teeth are committed to using the Prettau® Bridge and now produces the Teethforever® Bridge™, as the ultimate fixed solution. It’s the longest-lasting dental bridge and the most effective way to replace missing teeth, bar none. They’re proud to offer it to their clinicians.

New Life Teeth guarantee a 100 per cent bite and chewing force with a lifetime warranty.

Nothing is stronger, naturally aesthetic and more biocompatible in the mouth. New Life Teeth have made and delivered hundreds to deserving patients.

At New Life Teeth, we have a complete Zirkonzhan® milling centre to design and make onsite these beautiful Prettau® bridges. When you look at every other available option in implant dentistry, Prettau® has so many advantages. Compared to implant acrylic (plastic) over-dentures, or any hybrid acrylic (plastic) implant bridge, this is far superior.

With the new Prettau® 2 zirconia, there is excellent flexural strength and particularly high translucency.

Properties at a glance:

  • Particularly highly translucent zirconia with an excellent flexural strength.
  • No limitations! Especially suitable for full-arch restorations (full anatomical or reduced for ceramic veneering), but also for single crowns, inlays, veneers, bars and multi-unit bridges.
  • No ceramic chipping (thanks to the fully anatomical design); no abrasion of the antagonist.
  • Can be characterised individually for each patient with Colour Liquids Prettau® 2 Aquarell, ICE Zirkon Ceramics and ICE Zirkon 3D Stains by Enrico Steger.
  • Available in pre-coloured versions: monochromatic (Prettau® 2 Coloured) or polychromatic with natural colour transition (Prettau 2 Dispersive).

Rob Leggett, founder of Scottish Denture Clinic and co-founder of New Life Teeth, said: “Our philosophy is simple. We believe in changing people’s lives for the better. Our service to you is underpinned by three key elements: leading-edge technology, professional expertise and unrivalled skill.”

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