Choosing your implant system – Is it all about the support?

Established in 2008, Implantium UK is the distributor of innovative implant products and continues to be disruptive.

12 February, 2019 / editorial

Implantium is proud to be the UK distributor for Dentium, a future-leading dental implant company. Dentium is a Korean implant system that was listed as number 1 in the domestic dental field by the Korea Composite Stock Price Index in 2017. Renowned for its research and development leading to long-term stability, Dentium is not content to settle for its present global reach and is now aiming to enter the global top 5 by 2020

When Implantium UK was launched more than 10 years ago, it upset the UK dental market by introducing a comparable quality implant product costing 40 per cent less than the leading Swiss implants at the time. Since then the dental community has become accustomed to lower cost implant systems with the big names introducing and developing lower cost brands. One only has to look outside the dental field at the supermarket business to see the changes with the big rise in Aldi
and Lidl.

The DASK kit from Dentium was seen as a game changer when Implantium launched it in the UK in 2009, bringing a new way to facilitate sinus lifts, speeding up the process and improving safety. DASK continues to be a leader in this area. Implantium’s sister company Dentale Training offers hands-on courses to learn the technique.

Emma Buglass, Marketing Director, outlines how Implantium has challenged the traditional way of selling implants by doing away with traditional reps and replacing their role with a combination of iEcoreps, clinical advisors and online meetings.

“We can offer the opportunity to see a variety of our products in the form of an iEcoRep. The iEcoRep is a portable kit containing a tailored sample of our products that is delivered to you for your convenience. A collection is then arranged a number of days later at a suitable time. This gives you the opportunity to familiarise yourself with some of our main products at your leisure, completely free of charge.

“The iEcoReps are equipped to facilitate video calling so if you wish to speak to one of our experts, our experienced team is happy to answer any questions. We have recently released our downloadable IPDF catalogues, which allow you to listen to more information about the products.

“Our clinical advisors are trained implant nurses with many years of experience who can offer support. We have worked incredibly hard to create a knowledgeable team that helps our customers. A clinical advisor is usually available to talk on the phone during office hours, saving our customers time and effort when selecting products. Our lab customers find this particularly beneficial.”

Implantium is proud to receive testimonials such as the one in the panel on the right.   

Keeping abreast of new technologies

Three years ago Implantium was delighted to be invited to distribute Versah products. Versah is a US company that has developed and manufactured the Densah burs for osseodensification.

Many key implant dentists have embraced this new technology, and excellent scientific results have been published worldwide. Implantium is focusing its corporate forum at the ADI in Edinburgh in May on DASK and osseodensification and is pleased to welcome Snjezana Pohl, a DentalXP expert and a lecturer at worldwide dental meetings. An active lecturer in the fields of implantology and periodontology, she underlines the importance of minimally invasive techniques, especially in a comprehensive treatment methodologies based upon preservation of tissues such as partial extraction therapies, autogenous tissue use, osseodensification and others.

In the fast-moving digital implant world, Dentium offers a range of digital solutions that Implantium has embraced and added to. The digital solutions include intraoral scanners. Following a collaboration between Dentium and Medit. The Medit IOS scanner represents excellent quality and great value for capital investment. Dentium has developed ingenious intraoral scan bodies for digital implant restoration provision that also serve as a healing abutment. Along with its sister companies Dentale and ImplantGuidePrint, they are able to provide training and surgical guides.

Emma describes what she thinks are the key components to their business strategy moving into 2019. “Established and still run by the founding dentists, we strive to offer our customers a personal service and like to think that we listen and act on their requests. While increasing in size it is imperative that we maintain the personal touch without pestering our customers. Social media and digital developments have rapidly increased global communication which means that our customers can interact easily with us and other users of the products that we distribute. Anything that improves communication is a good thing as it is important we retain our grass roots approach and customer focus. We will be exhibiting at the ADI congress in May this year in Edinburgh under the title Made you look, made you stare – Implantium is everywhere.

“A bold statement with a twist. Come and visit us at our stand to find out more.”

‘Implantium is brilliant!’

“As a private laboratory specialising in implants, we have seen nearly all of the implant systems available on the market and have had to plan each individual case based on each system’s components. Sadly there are many systems that do not have the components needed to provide a suitable treatment plan and thus the cases are compromised from the start!

“Implantium is one we highly recommend for three main reasons:

  1. It has a wide range of solutions and components and as yet all our cases have had the optimum outcome.
  2. The quality of the parts is equal to any of the most expensive systems on the market
  3. To us, equally as important as the above is the office team – for ordering, their technical support and product knowledge is second to none!

This makes ordering parts simple and gives us confidence that what we need is what we get.

“Keep up the good work Implantium, you are making our lives easier.

Geo Morgan, DTG RDT, Passion Dental Design Studio

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