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Strictly Confidental’s latest recruitment initiative has brought together a pair of long-time friends to form an experienced and dynamic leadership team with an intimate knowledge of the dental profession

03 October, 2018 / professional-focus
 Strictly Confidental  

More experience, more expertise, greater service and greater insight.

It’s impressive what you can gain when you add the right person to your team. And that’s exactly what Strictly Confidental has done with the recruitment of Gillian Wylie.

She’s joined Patricia Munro as a director of the firm and she brings with her a very impressive track record. Gillian has spent 32 years in the profession, first as a dental nurse (latterly specialising in maxilo-facial) before a lengthy and successful period in dental sales. “I’ve focused on all aspects of dentistry during my career,” she said. “And I’ve had the good fortune to work with lots of very talented and intelligent people.”

The initial move from dental nursing was inspired by coming into contact with sales people serving both general dental practice and specialist areas. “They were very customer focused, discreet and professional. That made me think ‘I’d like to do that’,” said Gillian.

One of those who she regarded as a mentor was Patricia. “I’ve known Trisha for around 20 years. She’s very knowledgeable and puts the needs of customers first and foremost. That’s something I’ve based my own ethos around. We both realise that the success and reputation of Strictly Confidental depends on the relationships we build with our clients.”

Gillian joined the company in November 2017, initially as a consultant. “I saw it as a great opportunity. The buying and selling of practices has always interested me. We provide a confidential, bespoke service and aim to make the process stress-free for everyone involved, something I know clients appreciate.”

Patricia was delighted when her long-time friend joined up. “Business was growing and, because of the way this part of the sector works, I needed someone who had the utmost discretion, who knew the dental profession from the clinical and the commercial sides, and was exceptional at client service. Gillian fitted the bill perfectly.”

For her part, Gillian knows she’s now working with a kindred spirit who understands how dentists tick. “Dental is under our skin and we’re very passionate about it.

“We know that when someone decides to sell up it’s imperative that the purchaser is the right fit. It’s not always about the money; yes, it’s very important to the seller, but it may not be the main driver. In every case, the seller has the needs of their patients and staff at the top of their priority list.”

Soon after Gillian joined, the idea of partnership was raised. Patricia was enthusiastic since it was a clear indication of Gillian’s commitment to the business and its future.

Patricia said the changes have brought a huge buzz to Strictly Confidental. “We’ve just moved into new offices at Charing Cross in Glasgow and we’re about to revamp our website.

“It’s great to have a new perspective. We’re always talking about how we can take things forward. Above all, clients are now getting an even better service than before.”

Gillian Wylie and Patricia Munro: “Dental is under our skin and we’re very passionate about it”

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