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10 August, 2018 / featured
 Sarah Allen  


In order to facilitate the phase-down of dental amalgam use relating to the regulations which came in on 1 July 2018, the following changes have been made to the Statement of Dental Remuneration as SDR Amendment no.138:

• An increase on the previous fee for
the restoration of retained deciduous teeth in adults

• Introduction of a new fee for the restoration of all posterior teeth in children under 15 whether deciduous or permanent

• No change relating to the treatment of pregnant or breastfeeding women as they already receive non-amalgam treatment in Scotland

Deciduous teeth

The directive necessitates the use of non-amalgam filling material for deciduous and retained deciduous teeth in all patients. The directive does not require a change in item 44(a), which allows for use of alternative filling material in minors. However, the directive does necessitate a new item, 14(c)(1)(ii) (new code 1428), for retained deciduous teeth in adult patients.

14(c)(1)(ii) in retained deciduous teeth: filling, including any dressing, pulp capping and pin or screw or acid etch retention and other preparatory treatment:

1428 [TS] per tooth £8.75 (£7.00)

You should also note that 14(c)(1)(i) now refers only to permanent teeth in adults (the reference to retained deciduous teeth has been removed).

Children under 15 years of age

The Directive necessitates the use of non-amalgam filling for posterior teeth in children under 15 years of age. The revised SDR has a new item 43, with the inclusion of two new codes (4301) and (4302) to allow for a resin filling in patients under
15 years of age (the standard proviso for replacement fillings also applies):

43 Treatment Special to Minors: Resin* filling, including acid etch retention in permanent molar and pre-molar teeth
in a patient under 15 years of age at the beginning of a course of treatment:

4301 [TS] per tooth £18.40 (£0.00)

4302 [TS] per tooth where the mesio-occlusal and/or disto-occlusal surfaces are involved £28.60 (£0.00).

Proviso to Item 43: No fee shall be payable under item 43 to repair or replace a filling where the same dentist provided the original filling to the same tooth within the previous 11 complete calendar months unless the repair or replacement is required as a result of trauma.
*Resin means any non-amalgam filling.

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