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27 February, 2017 / featured

One of the many challenges currently faced by dental practices is maximising the capabilities of the practice environment and equipment. Maintaining equipment alongside the IT hardware and software required to run a practice efficiently can quickly become cumbersome and complicated. Not only does technology move quickly, it’s hard to keep up and know you’re investing in the right devices or systems for your needs. It can also be difficult to know when the time is right to invest in new equipment and ensure you have as seamless an upgrade or install as possible.

Dental practice facilities and IT equipment are used hundreds of times daily, almost all year round, with patients accessing and interacting with various aspects of the practice, from the waiting room to the dental chair. Ensuring your technology and facilities are current and functioning effectively is extremely important to the efficient running of your dental practice.

Ian Wilson, director at IWT Dental & Services who provide IT services to dental practices across Scotland, said: “Technology is an ever-changing environment and it is essential for us to keep informed of the latest developments so we can share this information with our customers.

“It is important for us to access the right information to ensure we are correctly positioned to provide the right solution for every practice.”

IWT recently upgraded IT hardware for City Quay Dental, a specialist dental implant and endodontic centre based in the centre of Dundee. A dedicated server was installed, and all workstations were upgraded. Sam Elassar, owner of City Quay and a member of the Royal Colleges in London and Glasgow, who also lectures internationally, said: “We recognised there were areas where our IT and imaging solutions could be improved to better our usage and to help us improve the efficiency of our patient and image management systems. City Quay undertook a large project to upgrade several areas of our IT network including our dedicated CBCT workstation.

“By upgrading our IT infrastructure, we have ensured all the IT hardware, including our CT scanner, is current and integrated in our network. When planning our IT upgrade, it was essential for us to create a fully integrated system, with a robust support service. IWT were unique as they specialise in dental IT and could deliver a fully integrating network, set up necessary configuration for N3 and provide the essential on-going support.”

Ian continued: “IWT understand that integrating software and hardware to ensure information flows from one point to another is a real challenge for practices. When patient records and digital images are created using different software and hardware, its important to make this really work for the dental team.

“With our ability to create infrastructures enabling hardware and software to communicate, we provide the dental team swift and easy access to the relevant patient information, assisting the practice to run as efficiently as possible.”

Sam concludes: “We advise practices to choose their IT partner carefully. You need an organisation you can trust, and an organisation who have the knowledge and experience to understand your requirements, but also contribute to them to ensure real benefit to your practice. I would highly recommend IWT.”

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