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Stop the routine and increase the growth

29 September, 2016 / management
 Adam Morgan  

Never has it been more important to invest in yourself. I bet you’ve heard that line a thousand times in recent years – but I want to ask you two questions:

1. When was the last time you actually did invest in yourself? I don’t mean watching a TV documentary, I’m talking about reading a new book, listening to a podcast from someone you admire, driving to see a mentor or coach, or even taking time to plan your next career move and strategising about how to get there.

2. When was the last time you seriously invested in someone else? When it comes to investing in others, one critical element is often missing – the quality of the investment itself. Many people think it’s the boss’s job to invest in their people, or “it’s my managers job to develop me”. I’m here to tell you the opposite – regardless of your position, time or responsibilities, YOU should choose to invest in at least one person. The more people you invest in, the more they’ll elevate your position in their lives and the more you’ll want to invest in yourself.

The same rules apply to business. When did you last invest in something new? It could be a tool to move forward, a new process to make efficiencies, or even a new way of servicing your customers’ needs. Regardless of the “what”, the important element is the “why”.

So many people and businesses do the same things day in, day out. They get stuck in the disease of routine and struggle to see new ways of increasing their income. They fail to attract more of the customers they want or develop better products and services to differentiate themselves from their competition. If you’re feeling stuck, it’s time to make some serious changes. As the famous quote goes: “If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always got.”

Start by assessing your situation. What’s working versus what’s not? What will the benefit be of changing? What will you lose by changing? I often ask clients: “How badly do you want this?” Change costs. There’s no way around it!

Anything you do to change will have some sort of impact or cost. It may not be financial, but nothing comes for free.

You may need to invest in new friendships, drive hundreds of miles to meet a mentor, or hire consultants to overhaul how you work. Or it may simply be the emotional cost of having to distance yourself from destructive personalities. Whatever the cost, if you don’t want to change badly enough, you won’t change.
It really is that simple.

It’s critical in today’s working environment that we take real responsibility for our own development. Use every drop of potential you have and, in turn, help others also achieve their potential. Life’s too short to coast by when there are so many resources, brilliant mentors and phenomenal training opportunities available.

If you need help in moving yourself or your team forward, email me and let’s talk. Don’t waste one more moment – do something about it and start doing things differently. Be brave and be daring in your development – and reach the heights you know you’re capable of.

About the author

Adam Morgan is an award-winning training specialist who teaches businesses and individuals how to grow and create greatness in their marketplace.

He works specifically with UK practices, helping them raise the bar, be more successful and achieve their goals and vision.

His fresh approach and dynamic style have also delivered results for leading global hotels, resorts, retailers and financial institutions.

Twitter: @AdamMorganUK
Mobile: 07557 763 785
Find him on LinkedIn – Adam Morgan

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