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Adam Morgan talks about standing out from the crowd and how it is essential to go beyond what everyone expects

02 August, 2016 / management
 Adam Morgan  

I recently taught a class where I spoke about the sea of “average”. Now, I know no-one wants to be average, yet so many of us get caught up in the trap of “playing it safe” and not truly utilising every ounce of potential that we have. Let me explain:

Have you ever met someone who has so much potential and yet seems to do nothing significant with it? Often it is so easy to see that happen to someone in our world, in our office or friendship circle, that we fail to see the exact same thing happening to ourselves.

I am here to tell you that opportunity is truly everywhere for those willing to step out, take a risk and break away from the social norms that surround us today.

People are looking for real and authentic people to do business with; for people with energy and passion who have belief and conviction to break away from the norm and be someone who adds value and energy to those around them. And, believe me, that goes beyond doing what is expected while “on the job”.

I challenge you today, step out of your comfort zone and talk to the person standing next to you at the bus station, train station, airport security line, or coffee queue at your favourite coffee house. Engage. Participate. Be someone who brings energy to the table.

In times of uncertainty where it is hard to stand out from the crowd – breaking away from the silence and lack of communication with those around us makes such a massive difference. Give a compliment and take an interest in someone else’s life even if just for a fleeting moment. I have met so many wonderful and interesting people by just reaching out, taking a leap of faith and opening my mouth to speak to those around me.

We should also engage with those in our own teams and encourage them to do the same with our customers, other staff members and team mates. Build a reputation for being the team that is always interested in its customers. One that is renowned for its passion for excellence as well as its compassion and friendliness.

Today, more than ever before, people are so connected and yet so isolated – let’s buck the trend and learn how to create seamless experiences for our customers when they visit us that goes beyond what everyone else does – and that does not involve spending money or wasting resources. I guarantee that if you do open up and break away from our social norm of keeping ourselves to ourselves that you will find a world of opportunity in business and relationally.

My business is built on my reputation and yours is the same – what are you and your team known for right now?

Go ahead, try it – take the risk, use your potential to get to know your team mates, customers and even the people who accompany your customers! You will be amazed at the opportunities that will surface by taking an interest and reaching into someone else’s life…

About the author

Adam Morgan is an award-winning training specialist who teaches businesses and individuals how to grow and create greatness in their marketplace. His fresh approach and dynamic style make him highly popular with companies around the world.

Adam works specifically with practices throughout the UK and helps dental teams to raise the bar, be more successful and achieve their goals and vision. With more than a decade of expertise working with many of the leading hotels and resorts, retailers, financial institutions of the world, he is a talented consultant able to deliver results.

Twitter: @AdamMorganUK

Mobile: 07557 763 785

Find him on LinkedIn – Adam Morgan

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