GDC reveals options for ARF increase

23 October, 2014

The GDC has released details of the three ARF options that will be voted on at the full council meeting next week (30 October).

The council will be asked to consider the options based on three financial models, based on the amount of the GDC’s reserves that it predicts will be available in December 2015.

The three options are as follows:

Model 1 – Dentists £945, DCPs £128
Model 2 – Dentists £890, DCPs £116
Model 3 – Dentists £850, DCPs £111
Current – Dentists £576, DCPs £120

The reserves stated in each financial model are expressed as months of 2015 budgeted operating spend. In model one, the most likely is 3.8 months, and likely worst case is three months; model two, three months and 2.2 months; and model three 2.5 months and 1.7 months. The GDC has indicated that at the current level, the amount of resrves in December 2015 would be less than zero in both cases.

To view the proposed models on the GDC’s website, click here.

GDC chief executive and registrar, Evlynne Gilvarry said: “The Council’s decision will be about ensuring we have the resources in place to be sustainable and responsive as a regulator of the dental profession in the future.

“There has been no increase in the ARF for four years. However, since 2011, we have seen a 110 per cent rise in complaints since 2011 and the fact that we are having to work within an outdated statutory framework mean that the options on the table must include a significant rise in the ARF for dentists, albeit alongside a very moderate increase, or even a reduction, for dental care professionals.

“A key aim also is to ensure a prudent level of reserves for an organisation of our scale and remit.

“The council will also be publishing a full response to the consultation, picking up on key issues of regulation that were keenly debated by the dental profession throughout the summer.”

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