Final decision on ARF won’t be made until end of October

11 September, 2014

The General Dental Council (GDC) has announced that the final decision on the level of Annual Retention Fee (ARF) for 2015 won’t be made until 30 October.

The consultation on the proposed 64 per cent increase ended on 4 September with 4,474 responses being submitted to the regulator.

The GDC said it was “very pleased with the number of responses received and the interest shown by registrants and stakeholders” in the consultation.

In a statement, the regulator said that on 18 September the council would “consider the outcomes and some broader themes that have emerged about regulation and the handling of complaints in particular”.

The statement continued: “In parallel with the analysis of consultation responses, the GDC has been testing its assumptions and calculations based on the most up to date information on fitness to practise caseload trends – a key driver of costs.

“It has also commissioned KPMG to review the full range of assumptions underlying the proposal to raise the ARF. This will focus in particular on the projected fitness to practise caseload.

“Meanwhile, analysis of the consultation responses, including a small number of highly detailed responses received at the close of the consultation continues.

“A final report, including the findings of the independent review by KPMG, will be considered by the Council on 30 October, at which point a decision will be made on the level of the annual retention fee for 2015.”

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