GDC to clamp down on illegal practice

20 August, 2014

The General Dental Council (GDC) has entered into a joint commitment with the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) to tackle misleading marketing.

The two organisations have agreed a referral process for complaints in relation to advertising materials which may breach the ASA’s Advertising Codes.

This involves three options for action:

  • Scenario 1: Where the GDC identifies potentially problematic marketing material, the GDC’s illegal practice team will direct enquiries to the ASA complaints inbox.
  • Scenario 2: Where a member of the public raises a complaint with the GDC in relation tomarketing material, the GDC’s illegal practice team will usually refer them to the ASA complaints form or, where the complaint is anonymous, the GDC will act as an intermediary.
  • Scenario 3: Where a complaint about marketing material relates to a competitor of the complainant, the GDC will direct complainants to the ASA’s enhanced procedure.

ASA Director of Communications, Lynsay Taffe said: “We should all be able to trust the adverts we see and hear. Misleading or irresponsible advertising is potentially harmful to consumers and is unfair to those businesses that play by the rules. The GDC referral process will help us identify and tackle problems in dentistry adverts.”

For more information on how to report illegal practice, visit the GDC’s website here.

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