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  • Dentistry in 4D

    Dundee University has taken what it believes to be the most radical step in modernising the way dental students learn…

    14 October, 2019 / students

  • Time to get real

    Students with super high grades will strive to be specialists in lucrative and ‘niche’ treatments at the cutting edge. What…

    / students

  • News in brief: June 2019

    GDC warnings on personal conduct It has been revealed that a significant number of warnings issued by the General Dental…

    17 June, 2019 / students

  • INSPIRE event goes national

    The first national INSPIRE conference took place at Glasgow Dental School recently with the aim of encouraging students to consider…

    5 April, 2017 / students

  • Elective reflections

    For many dental and medical students, it is assumed that the best elective experience can only arise from a “hands-on”…

    30 March, 2016 / students

  • Into Africa

    This summer, a group of dentists will graduate from the University of Dundee School of Dentistry. Nothing unusual in that,…

    1 February, 2016 / students