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  • What lies beneath

    The dental profession is often viewed with envy. Outsiders perceive it as an ideal career: interesting, socially worthwhile, well-paid and…

    18 December, 2018 / stress

  • December 2018

    10 December, 2018 / stress

  • Please relieve me

    The final part of my stress-related trilogy; or should it be the final nail in the coffin? Patients, money, staff,…

    3 October, 2018 / stress

  • NHS report: dentists’ morale continues downward trend

    More than two thirds of principal dentists and over half of associate dentists in Scotland “often think about leaving general…

    / stress

  • On high alert?

    Sabre-toothed tigers may have died out 11,000 years ago but no one has told the amygdala – the primitive part…

    / stress

  • Under pressure

    It was Christmas Day in 2009 and Karl was on his third call-out of the day. Instead of basking in…

    / stress

  • October 2018

    / stress

  • Scots dentists’ morale plunges to new low

    The figures show that dentists in Scotland are the most demoralised in the UK. The data on the depth of…

    29 September, 2015 / stress

  • Stress crisis uncovered

    Now, the challenge for UK dentists is clear: they must tackle the aspects of their work that bring high levels…

    27 May, 2015 / stress

  • Under pressure

    It’s 6.45 am and Stuart’s day is getting off to its normal start. Or so it appears. He sorts out…

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  • BDA aims to tackle stress in dentistry

    The British Dental Association (BDA) has announced it will be undertaking a two-year study into stress and anxiety in the dental profession.…

    14 May, 2015 / stress