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  • Dental anxiety linked to overall quality of life

    New research indicates that being afraid of the dentist could seriously damage your overall quality of life. A study published…

    13 June, 2018 / research

  • Top tips for practicing evidence-based dentistry

    In the first article, we explored how to establish a research question using the PICO (Population, Intervention, Comparator and Outcome) method…

    / research

  • Good oral health may aid heart attack recovery

    New research has indicated that looking after their oral health could help the recovery of heart attack survivors’ cardiovascular system.…

    / research

  • Taking the lead on research

    It is sometimes easy to forget just how young Aberdeen Dental School actually is. Despite being part of the fifth…

    10 April, 2017 / research

  • March 2017

    / research

  • Elective reflections

    For many dental and medical students, it is assumed that the best elective experience can only arise from a “hands-on”…

    30 March, 2016 / research

  • BDA aims to tackle stress in dentistry

    The British Dental Association (BDA) has announced it will be undertaking a two-year study into stress and anxiety in the dental profession.…

    14 May, 2015 / research