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  • Plain packaging plans

    BDA welcomes news on standardised packaging

    23 January, 2015 / opinion

  • Stronger together

    Robert Kinloch, deputy chair of the BDA’s Principal Executive Committee, says he has never seen the profession more united

    30 December, 2014 / opinion

  • First, do no harm

    John Craig and Martin Kelleher argue that addition beats subtraction when it comes to the management of tooth wear

    20 March, 2014 / opinion

  • Rising to the top

    From placing his first implant in 2003, Dr Philip Friel describes his journey to becoming the youngest president in the ADI’s history

    9 January, 2014 / opinion

  • Elective reflections

    As he enters his final year of study, dental student Alasdair Regan looks back on his weeks of volunteer work in northern India

    20 September, 2013 / opinion

  • A profession in disarray?

    Competition may heat up; following the GDC’s Direct Access decision

    13 August, 2013 / opinion

  • A case against water fluoridation

    Not only does fluoridation of water have only a marginal benefit to dental health, it also has health risks and circumvents our right to refuse medication, argues H S Micklem

    11 August, 2013 / opinion

  • Avoiding emotional negligence

    Caroline Holland looks at interactions in the dental setting from the patient’s perspective and explains the importance of tuning in to the patient’s needs in the event that they are injured because of a clinical mishap

    27 August, 2012 / opinion

  • Don’t mention the D word

    A personal review of a contentious problem by Irene Black

    22 December, 2011 / opinion

  • Inhalation sedation – friend or foe?

    Janet Pickles of RA Medical gives an update on relative analgesia in general dentistry

    / opinion


  • Avoiding the banana skin

    Hew Mathewson offers advice on what to do when things don’t go quite as planned

    28 January, 2011 / opinion

  • For whom the bell tolls

    Hatton Senior Clinical Research Prize winner David Conway was invited to speak at the Houses of Parliament on the launch of Mouth Cancer Action Month 2010. Here’s what he said to the politicians…

    8 December, 2010 / opinion

  • Glass half empty?

    The experience of other countries over several decades tells us that water fluoridation is safe and effective, explains Colwyn Jones

    6 December, 2010 / opinion

  • Fighting the good fight

    After spending thousands of hours treating victims of facial trauma, three surgeons from Glasgow decided enough was enough. Bruce Oxley reports

    11 October, 2010 / opinion