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  • NobelPearl™ – a unique 100% metal-free two-piece ceramic implant solution

    Nobel Biocare’s unique new alternative to titanium implants offers a highly welcome new option to dental professionals for patients wishing…

    3 October, 2018 / implants

  • An excellent choice

    Do you offer implants to your patients? The Scottish Centre for Excellence in Dentistry is committed to offering the very…

    / implants

  • Crown-to-implant ratio

    Short and extra-short implants are a powerful tool in oral implantology these days 1. The use of these implants facilitates the…

    1 February, 2018 / implants

  • Narrowing down the options

    A narrow diameter implant is an implant with a diameter less than 3.75mm and is clinically indicated to replace maxillary…

    24 November, 2017 / implants