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  • Indemnity and beyond

    UK Government Consultation on Indemnity – a view from Helen Kaney, Lead Dento-legal Consultant and Head of Dental Services, Scotland,…

    17 June, 2019 / helen-kaney

  • The essence of consent

    The requirements, legalities and practices around obtaining informed consent are now a major part of the teaching in all the…

    3 October, 2018 / helen-kaney

  • GDC decision quashed at Court of Session

    Indemnity provider Dental Protection has successfully overturned a GDC decision relating to a Scottish dentist who had self-reported a driving…

    20 September, 2017 / helen-kaney

  • An open and shut case

    The registration of DCPs has created many benefits, not the least being the formal recognition for the different members of…

    28 July, 2015 / helen-kaney