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  • Don’t be caught by ’10 in two rule’, says GDC

    The General Dental Council (GDC) is warning dentists to not be caught out by the ‘10 in two rule’. Dentists…

    14 October, 2019 / cpd

  • Looking ahead to 2021

    The process for developing a revised set of learning outcomes is about to begin The General Dental Council is embarking…

    / cpd

  • Plagiarism and how to avoid being accused

    A recent GDC FTP case involving five Scottish dentists has highlighted an issue regarding audits and SAEs Dental Protection has…

    / cpd

  • Meaningful milestone

    Consultation represents the next step on the journey towards achieving a more effective system of CPD Some dental professionals feel…

    15 August, 2019 / cpd

  • What a show!

    2019’s Scottish Dental Show: have you signed up for the industry event of the year?  Once again, record numbers of…

    11 April, 2019 / cpd

  • Learn from the experts at the Study Club

    In association with the Scottish Dental Study Club The Scottish Dental Study Club is honoured to be hosting world-renowned composite…

    3 October, 2018 / cpd

  • CBCT and clinical decision-making

    Arvind Sharma, BDS(Dund), MSc(Endo), MJDFRCS(Eng), MFDSRCPS(Glas) Arvind Sharma presents the second and final part of a structured critical review to…

    9 August, 2018 / cpd

  • Suitability of patients for conscious sedation

    Patients suitable to undergo conscious sedation (CS) include those with moderate-severe anxiety, a swallow/gag reflex or a mild learning/physical disability…

    13 June, 2018 / cpd

  • Top tips for practicing evidence-based dentistry

    In the first article, we explored how to establish a research question using the PICO (Population, Intervention, Comparator and Outcome) method…

    / cpd

  • Evidence-based dentistry in practice

    This article is the first in a series that aims to introduce the modern-day dental practitioner to evidence-based dentistry (EBD).…

    3 April, 2018 / cpd


  • Your SDM CPD is changing

    We have provided verifiable CPD articles in Scottish Dental magazine for the last three years providing hundreds of dentists with…

    5 February, 2018 / cpd

  • GDC announces CPD overhaul

    The GDC has announced a raft of changes to CPD requirements that will move towards a system based on quality…

    4 August, 2017 / cpd

  • Endodontic retreatment

    A 49-year-old male patient attended for an emergency appointment due to experiencing pain and swelling from a lower left tooth/teeth.…

    7 April, 2017 / cpd

  • Low-stress alternatives

    The resolution of symptoms of pain caused by polymerisation shrinkage stresses by using a bulk-fill resin composite material

    29 November, 2016 / cpd

  • The Veneer Revolution

    A new generation of plastic veneer templates means that porcelain is no longer the automatic choice

    28 November, 2016 / cpd

  • Scottish Dental Show 2016

    With 30 years of experience in the field of mouth cancer, Cardiff dental dean Professor Mike Lewis is one of…

    26 January, 2016 / cpd

  • Team Training

    Sadly the value of “training” in dental practices is consistently under-valued and the impact is vastly under-estimated. Of course, well-trained…

    31 July, 2015 / cpd

  • Managing oral mucosal disease

    Oral mucosal conditions are common and can be worrying and troublesome for patients. With demands on waiting lists in secondary…

    22 May, 2015 / cpd

  • Management of traumatic injuries

    Literature on the management of dental trauma in general practice suggests that difficulties may be encountered due to gaps in…

    24 March, 2015 / cpd