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  • GDC accountability hearing

    Commons select committee to hold first-ever assessment of the regulator

    28 January, 2015 / council

  • Dentists’ leader voted back in

    Armstrong re-elected unopposed to chair of the PEC

    16 January, 2015 / council

  • Access points

    How has Direct Access affected dentists, DCPs and patients in Scotland? Seven dental professionals joined Bruce Oxley to debate progress so far… and what the future holds

    22 December, 2014 / council

  • Judicial review – reaction

    Three practice owners give their views on the outcome of the ARF hike court case

    19 December, 2014 / council

  • Outrage at decision to uphold ARF hike

    Dentists attack GDC after being ordered to pay the new £890 annual fee or face having registration withdrawn

    / council

  • Profession awaits judicial review decision

    BDA says court will not be announcing final judgement today

    15 December, 2014 / council

  • ARF hike raised at Westminster debate

    Sir Paul Beresford attacks GDC performance

    10 December, 2014 / council

  • MPs to discuss GDC performance

    Troubled regulator to be focus of debate at Westminster

    5 December, 2014 / council

  • Skills check-up

    The General Dental Council has launched a consultation on a new system of checks that will ensure dentists are meeting the minimum standards, writes Denis Toppin

    1 December, 2010 / council