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  • The essence of consent

    The requirements, legalities and practices around obtaining informed consent are now a major part of the teaching in all the…

    3 October, 2018 / consent

  • The wisdom of informed choice

    When I was 12, in common with my friends, I went for my first appointment with the orthodontist. However, unlike…

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  • The question of consent

    In 2015, the Supreme Court handed down a ruling in the appeal case of a mother who had taken an…

    / consent

  • The implications of two little words

    Consent comes in many different shapes and sizes and can be applied widely in our 21st-century lifestyle. When we ladies…

    / consent

  • October 2018

    / consent

  • Obtaining valid consent

    As a dentist working in general practice it is imperative to ensure that valid consent has been obtained for each…

    24 November, 2017 / consent