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  • First bite syndrome: What every general dental practitioner should know

    Donal P. McAuley1, Robert S. D. Smyth2, Martin D. Paley3 1MB BCh, BDS, MRCSEd, MFDS RCSEd, Specialist Registrar in Oral…

    12 February, 2019 / clinical

  • Top tips for practicing evidence-based dentistry: Part 3

    Introduction Implementing the best available evidence and enabling positive sustainable change in practice is an enviable goal for anyone providing…

    3 October, 2018 / clinical

  • October 2018

    / clinical

  • A rare intraoral presentation of lymphomatoid papulosis

    McGrath G1, Bowen L2, Busuttil-Naudi K3, Forsyth C4, Wright S5 1Core Trainee in Oral Surgery & Special Care Dentistry, 2Core…

    10 August, 2018 / clinical

  • CBCT and clinical decision-making

    Arvind Sharma, BDS(Dund), MSc(Endo), MJDFRCS(Eng), MFDSRCPS(Glas) Arvind Sharma presents the second and final part of a structured critical review to…

    9 August, 2018 / clinical

  • Pixel perfect pt.2

    The second part of this article explores the issues that need to be considered in producing high-quality digital images in…

    25 May, 2015 / clinical

  • Placement Factors

    The first article in this series discussed the potential problems that can arise even before the dental material has been…

    / clinical

  • Managing oral mucosal disease

    Oral mucosal conditions are common and can be worrying and troublesome for patients. With demands on waiting lists in secondary…

    22 May, 2015 / clinical

  • Ensuring an accurate diagnosis

    Most routine dental treatment provided to patients is aimed at preventing pulpal and periradicular inflammation and infection. However, it is…

    25 March, 2015 / clinical

  • Management of traumatic injuries

    Literature on the management of dental trauma in general practice suggests that difficulties may be encountered due to gaps in…

    24 March, 2015 / clinical


  • Assessing the options

    The second part of our look at patients with combination syndrome explores conventional and implant options available to practitioners

    9 January, 2015 / clinical

  • Labial access to lower incisors

    Dr Marcin Paradowski presents a review of the literature and examples of clinical practice with regards to labial access during endodontic procedures

    5 January, 2015 / clinical

  • Combination syndrome – the challenges

    Advice for general dental practitioners on the planning and management of prosthodontic patients

    14 November, 2014 / clinical

  • Looking for a quick fix

    Straight from the archives of Dental Protection, this anonymous episode carries invaluable learning points

    / clinical

  • Implants in the aesthetic zone

    Donald Morrison and Peter Byrne from Quadrant Dental Practice explore the soft tissue issues to overcome when placing implants

    17 September, 2014 / clinical

  • Errors in dental radiographs

    A local retrospective audit by Andrew MacInnes, Donald Thomson and Alison Menhinick of Dundee Dental Hospital

    27 March, 2014 / clinical

  • Endo versus implants: the phoney war

    The vast majority of clinicians know the value of endodontics and implant therapy and should embrace both for better patient choice and care, says Bob Philpott consultant in endodontics at Glasgow Dental Hospital

    20 March, 2014 / clinical

  • Conservative, cosmetic orthodontics

    Dr Andy Denny BDS MFGDP(UK) MGDS RCS(Eng) describes how to take the complexity out of simple fixed orthodontic treatment

    / clinical

  • CBCT use in modern endodontics

    Dr David Jones explains the uses and benefits of cone beam computer tomography in modern dental practice

    14 January, 2014 / clinical

  • How do I ensure I don’t miss an oral cancer?

    Professor Graham Ogden talks about the aetiology and early detection of oral cancers

    11 November, 2013 / clinical


  • Managing aggressive periodontitis

    Dr Jose Armas describes the management and treatment of a patient diagnosed with generalised aggressive periodontitis

    / clinical

  • Tooth in a year and a half

    The use of dental implants has become a mainstream treatment method in tooth replacement. In recent years, much emphasis has been placed on rapid restoration of the lost dentition with extraction, implant placement, grafting and restoration on occasion being combined in one appointment to allow the

    / clinical

  • Making a digital impression

    Duncan Black explores the history and the development of intra-oral scanners in modern dental practice

    8 November, 2013 / clinical

  • Articulator selection and clinical stages

    In the second in his series of articles on advanced restorative techniques, Dr Paul Tipton looks at the full/partial mouth reconstruction

    19 September, 2013 / clinical

  • Restoration fundamentals

    Despite the new materials available, tried–and–tested techniques are the fundamentals of full mouth reconstruction. Dr Paul Tipton begins a series of articles with a discussion of occlusion and occlusal concepts

    14 August, 2013 / clinical

  • The ‘oral fingerprint’

    An alternative method of identification or a myth?

    / clinical

  • Get to the root of the problem

    Specialist endodontist Carol Tait outlines the latest treatments and techniques in the field

    15 March, 2013 / clinical

  • Case histories

    In the second article in his All–on–4 series, Kevin Lochhead looks at a typical case

    14 March, 2013 / clinical

  • Prions and dentistry

    Prion diseases, what are they? By Professor Jean Manson, Prof RG Will and Prof Andrew Smith

    16 January, 2013 / clinical

  • Dental anxiety

    Many patients who are nervous about visiting the dentist could benefit from the use of intra-nasal midazolam, explains Michael Dhesi and Clive Schmulian

    / clinical