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  • Budget Summary 2018 – Austerity no more?

    “Spreadsheet Phil” delivered his Budget with a clear health warning that it was based on a decent Brexit deal being…

    18 December, 2018 / budget

  • Budget 2018: the key impacts on dentists

    The 2018 Budget delivered opportunities for dental practices and health sector businesses, which are intended to support and encourage them…

    / budget

  • Budget 2018: Opportunity remains

    The giveaway Budget? Fiscal Phil, as the Chancellor styled himself, did seem to enjoy the occasion. The usual theatrics accompanied…

    / budget

  • Dental profession reacts to sugar tax announcement

    While the announcement of a sugar tax has been hailed as a positive step in the right direction, the news…

    17 March, 2016 / budget

  • Budget holds good news for dentists

    The headlines from Chancellor George Osborne’s latest budget may focus on the fragility of the economy and further cuts to…

    16 March, 2016 / budget

  • Budget reaction

    George Osborne, delivered his second Budget of 2015 today. Following the promises made in the election campaign the main focus…

    8 July, 2015 / budget