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  • Brexit exit of dentists

    Almost a third of EEA-qualified dental professionals working in the UK are considering leaving the UK in the next few…

    12 February, 2019 / brexit

  • Brexit guidance for investors

    While experts are advising a “wait and see” approach in the 
wake of the summer’s EU Referendum, there are some things 
to look out for in the short term

    4 December, 2016 / brexit

  • Dentistry in a Disunited Kingdom

    Churchill once said: “Democracy is the worst form of government, except for all those other forms…” and we are now…

    2 August, 2016 / brexit

  • BDA sounds note of caution

    The BDA has warned that there could be “significant changes” ahead for dentistry in the UK after the British people…

    24 June, 2016 / brexit