Dry mouth – the importance of the dental team

26 June, 2024 / infocus
 Will Peakin  

The results of the Oralieve Dry Mouth Survey 2024 are in, and the role of the dental team in the diagnosis and management of dry mouth is clear!

Now in its third year, the Oralieve Dry Mouth Survey, the most comprehensive survey of its kind, questioned approximately 1000 dry mouth sufferers to understand the affect dry mouth can have on their well-being, their coping mechanisms and how they articulate the condition to family and health professionals.   

The results highlighted:

  • Almost 40% of sufferers have never been diagnosed by a healthcare professional
  • Over a third of sufferers are unsure as to the cause of their dry mouth
  • 68% of sufferers report mental exhaustion and frustration from coping with their symptoms and over a half of all sufferers report disturbed sleep patterns
  • Of those sufferers who have been provided a diagnosis of dry mouth, 1 in 4 were identified by a dentist or hygienist/therapist

As the UK population continues to age, and there is an increased reliance on preventative medication, the incidence of clinically dry mouth will continue to rise.

The key to helping sufferers more effectively manage the symptoms of dry mouth is DIAGNOSIS – identifying the causes and initiating discussions about effective management. The role of the dental team is critical in leading the way on proactively diagnosing sufferers.

To view the full survey results visit https://www.oralieve-direct.co.uk/pages/resources

About Oralieve

Since 2017 Oralieve has been helping dry mouth sufferers better understand the potential causes of their symptoms, but importantly signpost options to manage the condition more effectively.

The Oralieve Expert Team engage with thousands of healthcare professionals in both primary and secondary care every year to raise the importance of diagnosis and proactive recommendation for effective symptom management. We are passionate about helping those affected by dry mouth discover better ways to manage their symptoms and make life just ‘that little bit more comfortable’.

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