Why choose a dental accountant?

EQ Chartered Accountants highlights the importance of a dental accountant for your practice. They offer specialised support, navigating complexities and maximising your potential. From buying or selling to daily operations, a dental accountant empowers your practice to thrive

01 July, 2024 / professional-focus
 Samantha Laing / EQ Accountants  

EQ Chartered Accountants recently showcased its expertise at the Scottish Dental Show, where visitors to the stand learned why a dental accountant is an invaluable asset to their practice.

Whether you’re buying or selling a dental practice, enhancing the efficiency of your current operations, or simply needing to complete a tax return, a dental accountant offers specialised support tailored to your unique needs. With sector-specific knowledge, these professionals provide guidance that adapts to ever-changing legislation, ensuring you operate in the most tax-efficient manner.

When selling your practice, a dental accountant’s expertise is crucial. They accurately value dental practices, which is distinctly different from valuing other businesses, ensuring you maximise your sale’s potential. Additionally, they handle the timely tax actions required when selling, meeting all regulatory requirements. By choosing a specialist, you also gain access to a broader network of potential buyers through their extensive contacts and resources.

Dental accountants at EQ don’t just crunch numbers. They assist clients with annual compliance tasks like GP234 forms and payroll all while advising on the best management systems to keep clients informed. EQ understands the operational challenges of running a dental practice and can recommend budgeting and administrative improvements, allowing clients to focus on providing exceptional dental care.

Attendees of the Scottish Dental Show saw firsthand how EQ’s tailored approach supports dental professionals in navigating the complexities of their financial and operational landscapes.

Choosing a dental accountant isn’t just about managing finances – it’s about empowering your practice to thrive.


A portrait of Samantha Turkington.

Samantha Laing
Supervisor, EQ Accountants
T: 01307 474274
E: samantha.laing@eqaccountants.co.uk
W: www.eqaccountants.co.uk

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