BDA Scottish chief leaves association

Association’s director for Scotland leaves to ‘pursue other professional and career opportunities’ weeks before flagship Scottish conference

18 September, 2017 / infocus

Just two weeks before the BDA’s Scottish conference, the association’s national director for Scotland Pat Kilpatrick left her post in unexplained circumstances.

Kilpatrick joined the BDA in 2013 following a career in education, government and NHS management, before setting up her own consultancy firm and working with NHS Trusts in England and Northern Ireland. On the day of her departure, 18 August, it is understood that she was due to attend meetings with BDA committees, who were unaware of her departure until an email was sent by the BDA’s Chief Executive Peter Ward.

He wrote: “Pat Kilpatrick has decided to pursue other professional and career opportunities and will be leaving the association with effect from the 18 August. Pat joined the BDA from a career in healthcare and consulting and brought a range of skills and expertise to the role of national director.

I know you will join me in thanking Pat for her commitment, hard work and professional achievements during her tenure at the Association

Peter Ward

“Pat has asked me to thank her colleagues at the Association and particularly the policy team at BDA Scotland for their support and hard work over the last four years. I know you will join me in thanking Pat for her commitment, hard work and professional achievements during her tenure at the Association and, on behalf of the staff and the PEC, we wish her every success in her future career.”

The BDA Scottish Dental Conference was held on 1 September at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Glasgow. It was opened by Chief Dental Officer Margie Taylor, whose session, entitled ‘On the way to a new action plan’ generated a lively discussion on the future of NHS dentistry.

Taylor said: “I thought the discussion was good. The more opinions we get the better and the more we ask people, the more it either reinforces the original opinion or provides more opinions, so it is really helpful from my point of view.

“This debate is important because it is going to influence the next generation, not only of patients but of dentists as well.”

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